Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Baroness? Scotland? Resign? Nah

Scottish people often
wear tartan

So Baroness S has been handed down a £5K slap on the wrist for flouting her own laws with respect to the hiring of illegal immigrants. As difficult as it might be to envision anyone outside the government getting away with this, she has, and will. Quelle surprise.

While I'm warming to my subject, why is everyone in the Labour Party a Lord, Lady, Baronet/ess, etc. these days? Didn't Tony Blair come to power with lots of rhetoric about an elected second chamber? (Shortly before replacing nearly all the hereditaries with his mates, bankers, and family).

Anyway, do politicians ever resign for anything any more? Does anyone remember Robin Cook's heroic resignation from the cabinet over Iraq? If it seems a long time ago, that's because it was. The last person with any honour deserted this bankrupt and defunct government years ago.

And lest we forget, the good baroness was in the news two days ago for waltzing off with £170K of yours and my money after claiming the allowance for peers living outside London. Perhaps Chiswick is outside of London in her book, or perhaps she considers her £2M house to be so above the run of the mill that she is effectively outside London. Whatever, I bet she gets away with that too. It's a good day to bury bad news.

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  1. Resign? Pah. An illegal invasion and the death of tens of thousands of civilian Iraqis didn't even warrant an apology from Tony Blair. Maybe she too thinks that "God will be my judge".