Friday, 23 October 2009

Vive la difference

Smouldering hunk with
6-pack, as requested

I like to include a light-hearted illustration with postings, to flesh out the theme, so to speak. But it's been pointed out that a disproportionate number of pix happen to include inadequately-clad ladies, and looking back, to my surprise I find I can't disagree. So today we redress the balance with one for the ladies. Enjoy.

Feminism has come a long way since the seventies. But I've always tried to remain abreast of current thinking. When my friends were burning their bras, I tried to show solidarity by burning my y-fronts. No-one told me you had to take them off first, and I still bear the scars today. I may wince a little when mounting my bike, but you won't find me complaining, because it was worth it.

But hooray! We're still different. I offer a trip to Waitrose as compelling evidence. My good wife engages trolley, then belts up and down picking goodies up in order, by instinct, even though she's never been there before.

Meanwhile I'm on a quest for the tomato puree. I can't find it. Obviously I can't ask directions, I am a man. I begin a systematic aisle-by-aisle search. There isn't any. Then I can't find her. Are you with me guys?

Finally she rams the trolley into my ankles as she chucks in two tins from the extensive selection of international purees on aisle 12, which I'm standing in front of. Battle of the sexes? There's no contest.


  1. The Seaview Tavern Appreciation Club23 October 2009 at 15:34

    Told you he'd get rid of the girls soon...

  2. 'Obviously I can't ask directions, I am a man.' nice one, UberGrumpy.

  3. Sorry, Seaview Tavern - normal service is resumed.

  4. You have never been shopping with my wife, have you? Or HAVE YOU!!!

  5. I am not very happy about you using my photograph without permission UberGrumpy.

  6. No no and thrice no! U.G. Which word didn't you understand? 'Smouldering' or 'hunk'? Check out French Rugby team (Stade du France). Oui, vive la difference!

  7. Picky, Princess G, picky. And as for those French rugger players - they all 'play for the other team'.

  8. chubba chubba