Wednesday, 23 December 2009

BalancedPaul's 55-Word Mystery Giveaway

Dressed for winter conditions
Special treat today; a guest post from BalancedPaul, and an epic curly-wurly giveaway.

BP is in fact my brother, and if I'm Sherlock Holmes (I wish) then he's Mycroft, i.e. cleverer, more enigmatic, and too lazy to run his own blog.

BP was much taken with G-man's 55-word fiction thing (tell a story in exactly 55 words) which normally takes place on a Friday, but this Friday we will be in the middle of our Welsh Christmas, so will spend all morning in church singing 'Land of our Fathers' and 'Bread of heaven', then all afternoon shearing leeks. It's tough up here.

So your 55-word challenge is early. He's fiendishly condensed two classic stories without referring to major characters at all. What are they?

Competition open to all followers of this blog. To enter, just e-mail the names to First three correct will win a year's supply of delicious and nutritious curly-wurlies1.

Good luck. Here's the stories:

Bodice-ripper, with class

Lady with five daughters to marry off. Unlucky, eh? Eldest finds
catch. Vivacious second, his supercilious friend.

Youngest brings disgrace. Trollop. Friend dissuades catch but offers
own hand despite lowering himself. What! Rejected!

Complications ensue. Youngest marries. Phew. Honour saved.

Friend and catch finally learn value of virtue over background. All
marry. Everyone happy. Nearly.


It's cold but no coal can be put on the fire. Miserable sod.

Christmas is costly. People wanting time off. Bah.

The ghosts show the error of this outlook; deceased ex-partner always forgotten.

A change of heart! And the goose is purchased for Tiny Tim (mind you, I wish someone would strangle him)

Merry Christmas!

1 - Which means five of them. I wouldn't want you getting lardy


  1. Very well done! A couple of classics, indeed.

    Good luck to those who enter to win a prize. ;)

  2. I entered. I have no idea what a curly wirly is. But thanks for the link!

  3. I'd enter but as I wrote them it might be unfair... Like the edits by the way Uber. Classy.

  4. Shearing leeks? You, my friend, know what Christmas is truly about. :-)

  5. I to am not sure what a curly wurly is!

    Happy Holidays to you!

  6. Oh bloody hell, I gotta figure this out: Curly Wurlies are like gold dust over here!

    Christiejolu, Curly Wurlies are only possibly the greatest chocolate thingy you've ever eaten! Though I'll swear they're smaller than they used to be.

  7. How do I email you? I dont see a link.

    I think I know the answers.

  8. i like leeks. have fun! :) good hints on the clasics.

  9. Hunter ~ Thanks! Not tempted by the delicious curly-wurlies then?

    JenJen ~ Winner!

    BP ~ Thank you o wise one

    Marla ~ Yup, and today we're shovelling snow. Lots of snow

    Christie ~ Mysterious eh?

    Richard ~ Did you enter? I've had a couple of e-mails get lost on the way through Llandudno

    VL ~ Sorted, right?

    Sarah ~ Thank you!

    magda ~ Ditto on the wayward e-mails; I'll check again, grrr.

  10. Trollop. That word doesn't get used NEARLY enough. I'm going to go use glitter and spray adhesive to make my own "Trollop" name tag for that last handful of holiday parties. Game on.

  11. Well one of 'em's a slam dunk. The other? Maybe not so much.

    I had a 55 locked and loaded for today myself, and since it really had to go on today, I left it alone. You're welcome to stop in if you like.

    55 Flash (non) Fiction Friday #58: All Feathers

  12. Oh, and if Santa's Little Helper is delivering the prizes, I may change my mind about entering to win!

    Because damn.

  13. I think I'm too late to enter! But I want to wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year. I hope Santa brings you all the curly-wurlies a boy could wish for. All the best,

  14. I'm no good at challenges - but compliments of the season to you and yours anyway! Lx

  15. Excellent! I'm a little late to the party but still enjoyed them.