Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sports Illustrated - The Swimsuit Edition

Just do it!
After my recent jogblog, Dan and BalancedPaul challenged me to publish a picture of myself in running togs. Vodka Logic also told me off for never showing pictures of hunky blokes.

Happy to oblige on both counts.

Thanks to Mrs G for taking this action shot of me overtaking some weeny cyclists. Although it's a bit cold here, luckily we had a nice sunny day. I thought she captured my 'determined runner' look very well. Can you spot the snack curly wurly concealed about my person?

I hope you appreciate my matching running gear and hat. I always run in a hat, for the sake of modesty.


  1. Wow. I'm all motivated to be fit..and sort of aroused too..but where's your curly-wurly?

  2. The mankini is always a good choice for running in. I don't understand why my husband didn't want the one I got him for christmas. Ingrate.

  3. Tina ~ Oops! Thanks, corrected

    Pixielation ~ Wrong colour maybe?

  4. Brother Snowchirp10 January 2010 at 13:39

    To much riting, not enuogh nekkidness.
    To menny nekkid men.
    U mus be a pansie.

  5. Um, the cyclists are checking out your ass. Or should I say buttocks?

  6. Well I'll I can say is those cyclists look pretty nervous to be downwind of you U Grumps...

  7. no one wants to see that. eewwwwww

  8. Way to go Grump... And nobody could spot your curly wurly without a microscope!

  9. If THAT is what you are sending to me in the mail, well, um....thanks?

  10. Few things can rival a good jog while wearing a florescent green sausage-sling.

    Now I'm off to dip my brain in bleach...

  11. This is the most uber racey picture I've ever seen! I can't see the curly wurly, but it sure looks like you've got balls! I declare you the winner, but I'm not sure of what that would be.
    Thanks for your outrageousness and laughter that will carry me through the next decade or hour or so.

  12. Ha,Ha! Loved the mankini, but I would have loved to be one of the cyclists behind you even more!
    I bet they soon overtook you!
    Thank you for that laugh today!

  13. Bro Snow ~ How can you call me a pansie? You can see I don't shave my armpits. Or my stomach

    DDG ~ Yeah. they're French

    PW ~ Maybe not...

    AWS ~ Yeah, you wouldn't want their view either, would you?

    Mini ~ It's all natural you know

    BP ~ Eh! That's 'a bit below the belt'. Phnar phnar

    JenJen ~ Hasn't arrived yet, then? Bloody Royal Mail. That's what you get when you ask the queen to deliver your parcels

    Hunter ~ It does chafe a bit though

    RRGBW ~ Racey is right. Have you ever seen so many bikes?

  14. Alice! Looks like we crossed in the comment there. No cyclist overtakes me when I'm jogging; it's a matter of honour...

  15. Urber! You found out my secret! Drat! I was going to leave that for a while, or until I had built up some more photos! (HUSH!)

  16. Your christmas poem makes SO much sense now..

    Um...we need to talk about what women find hunky.

  17. LOl! Ahem. All I see is curlies, no wurlies.

    What a jiggly view for those cyclists.


  18. Um, UberGrumpy, Cher called. She needs her costume back. - G

  19. I hope you had plenty of sunblock on. Those tan lines would be hard to hide under and evening dress.

  20. I thought it was a bit cold in the UK this time of year. Glad nothing fell off or is that part of the next blog?

  21. Oh...My...Heavens! Curly Wurly? Is that what they call it on your side of the pond? ROFL

  22. Alice ~ Revealed!

    Richard ~ Thank you! It's the haircut

    VL ~ Did I get hunky wrong? Must try harder

    RefGeek ~ :) Best curly-wurly joke of the day

    Georgina ~ Can I keep the hat?

    LBTW ~ Yup, SPF 50, but it's greasy. One's shoulder straps keep sliding off

    wasa3 ~ Insipiration! Hmmmmm

    Marla ~ Yup! Among other things

    MiMi ~ Ah ha! Gotcha

  23. my deepest sympathy to those cyclists!

  24. My eyes! My eyes! Haha...only kidding. I'm not gonna look for your curly wurly though. That's just wrong. hehe


  25. I'm happy to see you've taken all precaution against the possibility of over-heating.

  26. I almost wore that same outfit today.

    That would have been embarrassing.

  27. You put the rest of us to shame, both in terms of your daring and your, um, phenomenal physique.

  28. Nope nothing yet.
    I'm about ready to refer to that contest as THE HOAX OF 2009.

  29. oh!!! And, I have a prize for you at my house. NO JOKE

  30. Hey UberGrumpy, Indigo here. Aah, the comfort offered by hats. I never scuba without one. It's a neoprene trilby, and very stylish, but yours is as cheeky a chapeau as I've seen in many a long year. I salute your choice, sir. Indigo

  31. Curly wurlies are certainly smaller than they used to be.

  32. sarah ~ Yeah, they're ugly aren't they?

    Lou ~ Go on, squint. You know you want to

    tattytiara ~ Yup, including AC in the hat

    Moooooooog ~ It sure would, particularly as I'm wearing it, and there's only room for one

    mo ~ I've got to come clean. It's not really me

    Christie ~ ANWBP!

    JenJen ~ OK, getting worried now. It could also be referred to as 'the great out of date chocolate disappointment of 2009' if they don't get a snufty on

    And thank you!

    Indigo ~ Hi! Love the awesome blog.

    Madame D ~ Whatever can you mean?

  33. Wow. Good thing for the hat. Without it, that picture would have just been obscene.

  34. oops hehe I'd like a redo please...

    eh em...

    BORAT!!! That is nice:)

  35. GWTFIHH ~ Yup, a hat can cover up all sorts

    Bliss ~ :) I think I prefer Bortat