Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Roger Less

Where do you want these?
I've gone right off the cinema. I'm not unsociable, but I have the family curse; Strange Attraction. If I ever get on a train, the drunk sits next to me. On a plane, I'm in the middle seat between the sumo wrestler and the travelsick Mum with triplets. In Tesco's, old ladies pigeonhole me demanding to know where the luxury toilet rolls are. If the animal rights mob or the Hare Krishnas are in the neighbourhood, they always bang on my door first. You get the idea.

So the cinema is a nightmare. Do you have a mobile phone, BO, extra large popcorn, and four noisy children? Come and share my row. Do you spit when you chew your gum? Yup, the seat behind is free. Did you just buy an enormous hat? Sit right down in front of me then. Yes I can see just fine. Sigh.

So the Family Grumpy tends to watch DVDs. Which is why I've only just seen the latest James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.

Here's how a Bond movie should be. Bond, interrupted while servicing a beautiful ambassadoress1, is summoned to fight a rogue General/Businessman from Germany/Russia/Korea. He stops off to sexually harrass Miss Moneypenny and diss poor Q. With his gorgeous assistant, agent Dee Cupps, who he sleeps with forty-five seconds into reel two, he flies first class BA/Virgin2 to Budapest/Hong Kong/Iceland where he uses his exploding pen/rocket bicycle/homing jockeys to escape from the yacht/castle stronghold/ice palace.

And so on. It all ends with a terrific explosion and lots of shot-up villains descending on ropes, but lucky Bond escapes with the villain's girlfriend, who obliges him with a damned good seeing to. 'No, M, can't talk to the PM right now, I'm on the job'. Snigger. That's a Bond movie.

So what's with this Daniel Craig chap? He must dispatch about a thousand baddies, and some goodies (oops), but there's not even a kiss. There's no time.

And it's not only the love interest that's gone. OK, Dan's got the man boobs and a good pout, but where are the pithy quotes? ('Shocking!', 'No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die!', 'Is that a curly-wurly in your pocket or are you glad to see me', etc). Where is the comic American policeman? Gadgets? Q? Big lapels? Jaws?

The argument I keep hearing is that Bond is better now because it's much more realistic. Come again? Realistic how exactly? I've never killed anyone but I've done sex heaps of times, at least five, although admittedly never with a beautiful ambassadoress3.

Bring back Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, or that bloke who only got one movie (George Lazerbeam was it?) They may be wrinkly. But they had heart.

1 - I know it's not a word, I made it up
2 - And that's the only virgin you'll see in this film
3 - Yup, made it up again


  1. sean connery is my favorite, then pierce brosnan. but they all are your typical male chauvinistic 'realistic' movies. lol... after readin this i guess i'll skip this one.

  2. I once had to throw away a perfectly good shirt because I was continually asked either where the bananas were or when Tesco closed on Sundays.

  3. oh! It's the shirt! And I thought it was the family curse

  4. Haha...you sound just like my friend....I can't go to the cinema with him because if i even take a sip of drink whilst watching the film he glares at me. No noise allowed. It's not as if i'm the world's noisiest drinker for heaven's sake!

    About Bond, I think Daniel Craig stinks. Sean Connery was the best. BY FAR.

    You have a new follower: ME! :)

  5. I think Daniel Craig's the best bond since Connery (even if Quantum of Solace was crap). What have you got against smouldering hunks with six-packs anyway? Or is it just that you're not terribly well equipped in any of these departments (so a little bird tells me).

  6. Your're right! I miss the puns from the older Bonds.

    Die Another Day:
    "I see you handle your weapon well"
    "I have been known to keep my tip up"

    From Russia With Love:
    "You're one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen."
    "Thank you, but I think my mouth is too big."
    "No, it's the right size...For me that is."

    Never Say Never Again:
    "You appear tense."
    "You affect me James."
    "That's bad. Going down, one should always be relaxed."

    "Something big's come up".

  7. Lou - Thanks! With you
    JuicyLucy - Oi! Bit below the belt. Or is that what you meant?

  8. No, you ARE right. It IS the family curse!!!!
    I seem to have an invisible placard with come and ask me on it. And you got it, they are mostly...weird!

  9. Stop moaning about the lack of rumpy pumpy. It may not be Cubby Brocolli but it could have been Russel T. Davies!!!

  10. a curly wurly? really, UberGrumpy? really??