Sunday, 22 November 2009

Unaccustomed as I am...

My wife wins heaps of awards.
This isn't her, obviously

I got an award! Check it out! (I hung it up on the right, there). Thank you Sarah of The Good Girls; I'm quite touched. Go visit her for a warm taste of California sunshine.

The last time I got an award was, I think, when I was 11 and I won the maths prize for swottiest kid. As I remember the prize was a bag of curly-wurlies and an eye-opening book on sex education for the under-12s. I've never looked back.

That was a good year; I also won the slow bicycle race at sports day although my joy was spoilt at the finishing line as I found out you were supposed to come last. It felt good for a while though.

I did win a prize once for Most Reckless Beginner when skiing at Killington in Vermont, but I don't count that since it was awarded mostly for falling all the way down the bunny hill, and may not have been entirely sincere.

So this award is all the more heartfelt, particularly since it comes with a £100 book token at Amazon and lifetime membership of Mr Bojangles, the happening nightspot for over-40s in downtown Eastleigh. Well, OK, it didn't, I bought those, but we all deserve little treats now and again.

My wife, naturally, gets hundreds of awards; tennis, skiing, euphonium, javelin, shot-put, etc. And I suspect there's another one coming. When she was late back from yoga the other day I called her mobile, only to get her instructor. He explained that they were practicing some extra tough positions, and he did sound a bit breathless. They were obviously working hard. Pretty soon I expect he'll be pointing a knick-knack or two her way.

But this one's all for me! I think the etiquette is to pass it on. Hmmm - off to the blogosphere...


  1. Which yoga instructor exactly? The sprightly 72 year old lady? That yoga instructor?

  2. a sex ed book for a math contest prize? that's ingenious! and it explained a lot... congratulations!

  3. Ubergrumpy thoroughly deserves an award for some thoughtful (if plain wrong) insights. After the comments about his wife I just hope he gets the clap he so richly merits.

  4. Does anyone have the # for the yoga instructor from the original blog post? (No offense to the 72 year old female one.)

  5. Re: Comment 2 - 'Artistic License'? I thought everything I read on the Internet was true??

  6. A bag of curly wurlys- now I know why you wife was so concerned about you eating curly wurlys in bed on the Egyptian sheets. Obviously this award changed your life forever- you became a curly wurly addict. Congrats on your latest award. best tell your wife not to overdo it with the yoga, or she will end up all curly wurly. kate

  7. Forget curly wurlies. Who wants chocolate that has big chunks missing from it?
    Weird obsession uberG.

  8. Congrats on the lonely award!

    And I love your 3-word reviews!

  9. Congratulations on your award! Just called over to say Hi! Got yourself a new follower!

  10. AJAB: 01742-3476-9402. At a guess
    Matt: Got me. Ddamn.
    Kate: You're right! I'm going to try and persuade her to take up golf
    ReadingThis: Oi! You like polos, and cheerios, right?
    Raine: Thank you. It is rather lonely, sigh. Or did you mean lovely? Well of course you did. Ahem
    Alice: Hi back at you! See you in Wonderland. I love the poems and ethereal pix

  11. What's euphonium?? Congrats on the award!!!

    And thanks so much for visiting my blog and the comments you have left - much appreciated! (And, you crack me up!!)